We Can Help You Achieve Your Sales Goals.

NUM 6 (pron. Number 6) helps bridge the gap between Technical-minded people and achieving Sales. If you have a specialised skill-set and have problem(s) pitching or prospecting for new business, we can help you solve it. If your business needs to have non-Sales people engaged in your selling process, we can empower them to mutual success. If you sell to customers or colleagues, we want to help you sell better.

Sales Delivery

Do you need to span the gap between technical and sales? Are you missing out on the management from a dedicated Sales Director?
Let us deliver your results.

Skills Training

Do you need more punchy presentations or bolder stage presence? Does your team need stronger / more effective selling skills?
Let us skill up your team.

Sales Consultancy

Do you sense you have gaps that cause delays or lost opportunities? Do you feel your sales process needs a better structure?
Let us review your processes.